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Rob Kaman about KABOA

“Kaboa is a Workout that brings you closer or back to your authentic self.
By releasing and flushing the negative emotions or energy out of your body, it brings you back to the essence of life.
After being a fighter I had to deal on a different way with my emotions that drove me as a fighter.
To release the turmoil I created this mixture of exercises to let go of these emotions and reprogram them for harmony”.
Rob Kaman

Kaboa helps to let go of negative past experience, unprocessed emotions, negative self image and offers a way to
“Re-program” self from sabotaging patterns.
It conditions your body, frees your mind, heals your soul and guides you to meet your true essence.
With the physical workout we release, erase and cleanse our body from emotional and environmental toxins!
The second part of the workout prepares a new ground for a successful new YOU!

With JOY and Power we “Re-program” our mental, emotional and physical bodies
and set a new ground for a Healthy & Successful Self.

Koboa includes:
KAMAN101 self defense Moves, Stretching, Kundalini Shaking,
Self-Expressive Dancing, Emotional Balancing Techniques,
Breathing Exercises and Inner Smile Meditation.

Be Free, Alive & Kicking
with Rob Kaman’s KABOA Emotional Flush

The Total Balance for the Body, Mind and Soul.
Revolutionary “Self Realization” Workout Created
by 9 time World Kickboxing and Muay Thai Champion
& Living Legend Rob Kaman.

1995 K-2 France Grand Prix '95 Champion
1992-94 I.S.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1992 I.S.K.A. Super Middleweight WC
1992 W.K.A. Super Light Heavyweight WC
1990 I.M.T.F. Light Heavyweight WC
1989-90 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1988-89 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1984 P.K.A. European Champion
1983-87 W.K.A. Middleweight WC
I.K.B.F. Full Contact Light Heavyweight WC