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Rob “The Dutchman”Kaman

No man has been king of the ring for so long, nor has anyone ever succeeded in winning more titles


Rob Kaman


Mejiro Gym


9 time World Kickboxing & Muay Thai Champion
(W.K.A., I.S.K.A., I.K.B.F and I.M.F.)

Rob “The Dutchman”Kaman is a retired 9 time Kickboxing and Muay Thai World Champion,

who won most of his fights by “K.O.” and is considered by many as the Greatest Kickboxer to ever live.

Respected and well-known throughout Europe, the Orient and in North America,
he is now referred to as a “Living Legend”.

Rob kaman was born on the 5th of June 1960 in Amsterdam.
He started training the Martial Arts in 1976 with Roy Martina in Penchak Silat, an Indonesian Martial Art,
until he discovered Muay Thai.
In May of 1978, he went to train Muay Thai Kickboxing to Mejiro gym,
where he followed lessons by the great teacher Jan Plas.

Rob Kaman was the most feared fighter of his era, specially for his devastating Low Kicks.

He was often called “Mr. Low Kick”, because of his devastating offensive Low Kick attacks. His Low Kicks had everything to do with timing and visualization,
For Rob, timing and visualization were intertwined. 

If you take another good look at his matches you will see that it was not only the Low Kicks that decided the matches. It was his choice of good combinations at the right moment: Low Kick, Punches (High & Low) moving In & Out.

Strong Will, Focused Mind and good Technique combined with the right Timing” is what made him a Great Champion.

He has won matches using virtually every technique:
high kicks, punches, elbows, knees, timed combinations, and takeovers.

Kaman was an intelligent fighter who was almost always one step ahead of his competition. Rob has been lending his years of experience to coach MMA’s elite fighters. The most notable of these fighters are: BJ Penn, Brandon Vera, Hermes Franca, Heath Herring, Jason Miller, Babalu Sobral and a number of Europe’s top fighters.

Do not miss the opportunity to train with one of the World Greatest Kickboxers & Living Legend, and absorb the wealth of knowledge he has to offer.

Weight in KG

Total Fights


1995 K-2 France Grand Prix '95 Champion
1992-94 I.S.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1992 I.S.K.A. Super Middleweight WC
1992 W.K.A. Super Light Heavyweight WC
1990 I.M.T.F. Light Heavyweight WC
1989-90 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1988-89 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1984 P.K.A. European Champion
1983-87 W.K.A. Middleweight WC
I.K.B.F. Full Contact Light Heavyweight WC