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“You need to control your technique, be in optimal condition and visualize your fights.

Visualization is one of the greatest powers in life.

That is the way it works with my low kick: each time I would imagine the moment in which I would make the low kick.

I lived through the phase of the fight thousands of times before the actual day of the fight.

If I had a videotape of my opponent I would see the moment in which I would have to kick. It was on my mind constantly.

So when I was in the ring fighting my opponent, my subconscious just made a click. Boom! There was that low kick.

When we were sack training, Jan (Plas) would imitate the opponent’s movement. This was no more than a starting signal for me;
my technique in reacting to the opponent’s action was even faster than action-reaction.

Kickboxing has given me insight in life and life has given me insight in kickboxing.

About persevering and taking hurdles in both the mental and physical sense of the word.

Life and fights are alike in many ways.

Visualization also plays an important role in all of this.

If you are dedicated to imagining yourself in the situation that awaits you, you will be able to react at the right moment. You will be one with the moment, without tension. This is called avoiding dualities.

“The secret to acquire “the mental strength” of a great champion?
Not allowing the negative thoughts and experiences to overrule your focus.

Rob Kaman

1995 K-2 France Grand Prix '95 Champion
1992-94 I.S.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1992 I.S.K.A. Super Middleweight WC
1992 W.K.A. Super Light Heavyweight WC
1990 I.M.T.F. Light Heavyweight WC
1989-90 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1988-89 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1984 P.K.A. European Champion
1983-87 W.K.A. Middleweight WC
I.K.B.F. Full Contact Light Heavyweight WC