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With heavy hearts and profound sadness, we announce the passing of a true legend, Rob Diem Kaman.
Rob left us peacefully in his sleep on March 31, 2024, at 63.
Rob was not just a remarkable individual known for his exceptional kindness, wisdom, and indomitable spirit but also a beacon of light in all who knew him.
His incredible journey from 05-06-1960 to 31-03-2024 was filled with love, laughter, and countless memories that will forever be etched in our hearts.

R.I.P. Rob Kaman Diem

You have left an indelible mark on this world and on our lives. Your legacy of love, courage, and resilience will continue to inspire us daily. Although you may have departed from this earthly realm, you will forever remain in our hearts.
As we bid farewell to an incredibly special soul, let us come together to celebrate Rob’s life and the wonderful moments we shared. Let’s cherish the laughter, the wisdom, and the love he brought into our lives. Rob, your memory will always be our guiding light.
To everyone whose life was touched by Rob, we invite you to share your memories and tributes here.
Let’s honor the extraordinary life of a man who was truly a legend in every sense.
Forever in our hearts.


Rob Kaman “Mr. Low Kick” Knockouts & Highlights

Rob “The Dutchman” Kaman is a Dutch retired 9 time kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion. He is often called “Mr. Low Kick” because of his feared low kicks which he used to set up his devastating offensive attacks.

Rob Kaman: The Legend of Kickboxing

Stand tall, brace yourself – you’re about to discover the secret techniques and illustrious career of a living legend in the kickboxing world! Known as the “King of Kickboxing,” Rob Kaman’s legacy surpasses mere fame, his name became synonymous with skill, precision and a relentless spirit. Dive into this read to learn more about what made Kaman an unbeatable champion and how his timeless training techniques continue to shape future fighters across the globe. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey through time, exploring one man’s impact on an entire sport!

Rob Kaman, also known as “The Dutchman”, is a retired Dutch kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion who gained notoriety for his feared low kicks that set up his offensive attacks. Born in Amsterdam on June 5th, 1960, Kaman started training in martial arts at the age of 16 and went on to win multiple world championships throughout his career. He is widely respected and remains an influential figure in the world of combat sports.

Rob Kaman: Early Life and Introduction to Kickboxing

Rob Kaman, born on June 5th, 1960 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, had a childhood filled with curiosity and a thirst for adventure. At the age of 16, he discovered his passion for martial arts and embarked on a remarkable journey that would shape his life forever. Seeking an outlet for his energy and a means to develop self-defense skills, Kaman found himself drawn to the world of kickboxing.

Like many aspiring fighters, Kaman’s introduction to kickboxing wasn’t through formal training or coaching; instead, it was born out of his innate desire to improve himself physically and mentally. He started rigorously training in Muay Thai at Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam under the guidance of renowned coaches Lucien Carbin and later Jan Plas.

Being surrounded by experienced trainers nurtured Kaman’s talent and helped him discover aspects of his fighting style that would set him apart in the ring. His dedication and determination quickly earned him recognition within the Dutch martial arts community.

Rob Kaman’s fierce determination was evident from an early stage. Despite facing challenges along the way, such as balancing training with school commitments, he relentlessly pursued excellence in his craft. His focused mindset and exceptional work ethic propelled him towards becoming one of the most decorated kickboxers in history.

The opportunity to train at Mejiro Gym allowed Rob Kaman to lay down the foundations for his extraordinary career. It provided him with the necessary guidance and support to hone his skills and develop a fighting style that would leave an indelible mark on the world of kickboxing.

Rob “The Dutchman”Kaman

No man has been king of the ring for so long, nor has anyone ever succeeded in winning more titles…

Training in Muay Thai at Mejiro Gym

Mejiro Gym, renowned for producing some of the world’s best fighters, became an instrumental environment in shaping Rob Kaman’s kickboxing career. The gym offered robust training programs with a focus on traditional Muay Thai techniques, providing Kaman with a solid foundation to build upon.

Muay Thai training at Mejiro Gym was like sculpting raw marble into a masterpiece – it required patience, discipline, and an understanding of the technical nuances. The trainers implemented rigorous and demanding training regimens tailored to extract the best out of each fighter.

Under the guidance of Lucien Carbin, himself an esteemed kickboxing champion, Kaman learned the importance of discipline, technique, and strategic thinking inside the ring. Carbin’s influence not only molded Kaman’s physical abilities but also shaped his mental fortitude as he faced various opponents throughout his career.

As Kaman progressed in his training, he encountered Jan Plas, another prominent figure at Mejiro Gym. Plas brought a unique approach to training that further enhanced Kaman’s skillset. With Plas’ expertise and emphasis on adaptability, Rob Kaman expanded his repertoire of strikes and developed an innovative low-kicking technique that would become synonymous with his fighting style.

Throughout his time at Mejiro Gym, Rob Kaman sparred and trained alongside other talented fighters who shared his passion for kickboxing. These interactions provided valuable opportunities for growth as they challenged and pushed each other to new heights.

The training experience at Mejiro Gym served as a crucible where Rob Kaman’s potential was refined and polished. It was here that he forged the foundations of his legendary career, laying the groundwork for what would later become his signature technique – the feared low kicks that set up his offensive attacks.


The Making of “Mr. Low Kick”

Rob Kaman, known by the moniker “The Dutchman,” carved his legendary status in the world of kickboxing through his exceptional skills and feared low kicks. But what contributed to the making of “Mr. Low Kick”? Let’s delve into the journey that shaped Kaman into the renowned champion he became.

Born on June 5th, 1960, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kaman discovered his passion for martial arts at the young age of 16. He began his training at Mejiro Gym, initially under the guidance of Lucien Carbin and later under Jan Plas. It was here that Kaman honed his skills in Muay Thai and kickboxing, developing a remarkable technique that would become his signature move.

Throughout his early years of training, Kaman’s dedication and determination were unmatched. He relentlessly practiced and perfected his low-kick technique, which involved delivering powerful strikes to opponents’ legs with incredible precision and speed. This technique proved to be highly effective in destabilizing opponents and opening them up for subsequent offensive attacks.

Training alongside top-level fighters at Mejiro Gym provided Kaman with invaluable experience and exposure to varied fighting styles and techniques. It was within this challenging environment that he refined not only his physical attributes but also his mental fortitude.

Just like great artists dedicate countless hours to their craft, Kaman immersed himself in rigorous training sessions day after day. He focused on strengthening his legs and developing lightning-fast reflexes, ensuring that each low kick delivered maximum impact. His commitment paid off as he quickly rose through the ranks and gained recognition for his awe-inspiring technique.

Opponent Outcome
Blinky Rodriquez Knockout victory
John Moncayo WKA World Title win
Kirkwood Walker Knockout victory
Don Nakaya Nielsen Decision victory

Kaman’s relentless pursuit of excellence led him to step into the ring against formidable opponents who would put his skills to the ultimate test. Let’s now explore some of Kaman’s most notable fights and victories that solidified his place among kickboxing royalty.


  • Rob Kaman, known as ‘The Dutchman’, and ‘Mr. Low Kick’ is a nine-time world champion in kickboxing and Muay Thai.
  • Throughout his career, Kaman participated in numerous fights both in Amsterdam and Thailand against renowned fighters such as Lakchart, Kirkwood Walker, Santiago Garza, and Don Nakaya Nielsen.
  • In addition to his sports career, Kaman took on an acting career towards the end of his sports life appearing in three movies alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme: Legionnaire, Maximum Risk, and Double Team.
  • Rob Kaman, also known as “The Dutchman,” became a legendary kickboxer through his dedication and commitment to perfecting his signature low-kick technique. His relentless training and exposure to varied fighting styles at Mejiro Gym helped shape not only his physical attributes but also his mental fortitude. Kaman’s pursuit of excellence led him to face formidable opponents, resulting in notable victories that solidified his place among kickboxing royalty.

Notable Fights and Victories

Kaman’s international breakthrough came in a fight against Blinky Rodriquez when he unleashed his devastating low kick, resulting in a knockout victory. This became a defining moment that showcased the power and effectiveness of his signature move.

One of Kaman’s milestone accomplishments was winning the WKA World Title of kickboxing on September 23, 1983, by knocking out John Moncayo in the third round with another thunderous low kick. This victory solidified Kaman as one of the premier fighters in his division, showcasing his tenacity and technique on a global stage.

Throughout his career, Kaman faced off against renowned opponents such as Kirkwood Walker and Don Nakaya Nielsen. In these battles, he displayed not only his formidable striking skills but also his ability to adapt and strategize accordingly, securing victories through knockout or decision.

Kaman’s fierce determination and unwavering commitment to his craft propelled him to the pinnacle of kickboxing success. His innovative use of the low-kick technique will forever be remembered as a game-changer in the sport.

Just as an artist leaves their mark on a canvas with their unique brushstrokes, Rob Kaman left an indelible imprint on the world of kickboxing with each thunderous low kick he delivered. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring fighters around the globe, proving that dedication and innovation can elevate one individual to extraordinary heights.

Return to the Ring and Comeback Triumphs

After a successful career as a kickboxing champion, many thought Rob Kaman had left the ring for good. However, driven by an unquenchable passion for the sport, Kaman made a remarkable comeback that stunned both fans and critics alike. With incredible determination and perseverance, he proved that age is just a number and showcased his enduring skills.

Kaman’s return to the ring marked a turning point in his career. It reminded us all why he was called “Mr. Low Kick” in the first place – his devastating leg strikes that left opponents reeling in pain. His signature move became even more potent with years of experience and refined technique.

In his comeback fights, Kaman faced formidable opponents who were eager to test him. Despite being considered an underdog due to his temporary retirement, he never let doubt overshadow his focus. The fire within him burned brighter than ever before.

One standout moment from his return was a match against a younger, highly touted opponent who possessed lightning-fast punches and kicks. Many believed this would be the end of Kaman’s comeback story, but he had other plans. With impeccable timing and precision, he executed a series of low kicks that crippled his opponent’s mobility. The crowd erupted in awe as they witnessed Kaman’s strategic brilliance unfold before their eyes.

In each fight following his return, Kaman demonstrated not only his technical prowess but also his mental resilience. He refused to let setbacks deter him. Every punch or kick absorbed served as fuel to propel him forward.

This triumphant comeback paved the way for another remarkable achievement – a new world title that further solidified Kaman’s legacy in the world of kickboxing.


A New World Title

The journey towards claiming a new world title was fraught with physical and mental challenges for Rob Kaman. After proving himself once again in the ring, he set his sights on a seemingly insurmountable goal – capturing the prestigious IKBF World Super Heavyweight title.

Winning a world title in any weight class is an extraordinary feat, but Kaman’s quest for the Super Heavyweight title was particularly noteworthy. It required him to face opponents who were often larger and more powerful, pushing his limits to new heights.

In preparation for this momentous opportunity, Kaman refined his training techniques and strategized meticulously. He focused on enhancing his agility, speed, and stamina while honing his already exceptional low kick technique. His dedication to the craft and relentless pursuit of excellence paid off.

In a climactic showdown, Kaman squared off against the reigning champion, known for his astonishing knockout power. It was a battle of strength versus finesse, as Kaman showcased his superior technical skills against his opponent’s raw force.

The fight was fierce and intense from start to finish, with both fighters giving their all. However, it was Kaman’s ability to read his opponent, exploit weaknesses, and execute well-timed strikes that ultimately secured his victory. In a magnificent display of skill and determination, he emerged triumphant as the new IKBF World Super Heavyweight champion.

With this remarkable accomplishment, Rob Kaman etched another chapter in kickboxing history. His tenacity and unwavering drive serve as an inspiration to aspiring fighters around the world.

Beyond the Ring: Kaman’s Influence on Modern Fighters

Rob Kaman’s impact extends far beyond his accomplishments in the kickboxing ring. He has left an indelible mark on the sport of kickboxing and has influenced numerous fighters, both during his time and in the present day. His legacy resonates not only through his success as a fighter but also through his training techniques, mindset, and versatility in different rulesets.

Kaman’s style was heavily influenced by Japanese Kyokushin based kickboxers from the Mejiro Gym in Tokyo, where he trained. This Kyokushin influence can be seen in his emphasis on low kicks as a primary weapon. His mastery of this technique earned him the nickname “Mr. Low Kick” and struck fear into his opponents.

Furthermore, Kaman’s game plan revolved around three key principles: distance management, hiding behind punches, and countering. By effectively managing the distance between himself and his opponent, he could unleash devastating low kicks while minimizing the risk of being countered. Hiding behind punches allowed him to set up his low kicks efficiently, making it difficult for opponents to block or evade them. Lastly, Kaman’s ability to counter effectively capitalized on his opponents’ mistakes and created openings for him to land powerful strikes.

As a result of these techniques and principles, Kaman achieved success in both Oriental rules (now known as K-1 rules) and full contact rules competitions. He secured titles in both formats and showcased his versatility as a fighter.

Today, many fighters draw inspiration from Rob Kaman’s approach to fighting. They study his footwork, distance management strategies, and their application in various fighting styles such as MMA and Muay Thai. The effectiveness of Kaman’s low kicks is evident when we see modern fighters incorporating them into their arsenal.

One notable aspect of Kaman’s influence is seen in the use of bouncy movement and footwork reminiscent of boxing. Under full contact rules, where low kicks were prohibited, Kaman adapted his style and became exceptionally mobile for a kickboxer. This adaptability enabled him to create angles, evade strikes, and counter effectively.

Now that we have explored the lasting impact of Rob Kaman’s legacy beyond the ring, let us delve into how his training techniques have had a significant influence on mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.


Training Techniques and their Impact on MMA

Rob Kaman’s training techniques have been instrumental in shaping the skills and approaches of modern MMA fighters. His emphasis on low kicks, distance management, and countering has found its way into different aspects of MMA training.

For instance, MMA fighters now recognize the importance of incorporating leg kicks into their striking arsenal. By studying Kaman’s technique and understanding the mechanics behind powerful low kicks, fighters are able to effectively target their opponents’ legs, limiting their mobility and creating advantageous situations.

Additionally, Kaman’s principles of distance management play a vital role in MMA. Understanding how to gauge and control the distance between oneself and an opponent is crucial in both striking exchanges and grappling scenarios. By mastering distance management techniques, fighters can dictate the pace of a fight, avoid being smothered or overwhelmed by aggressive opponents, and capitalize on opportunities to land strikes or secure takedowns.

Moreover, Kaman’s focus on countering has influenced the defensive strategies employed by many MMA fighters. By studying his ability to anticipate opponent movements and exploit openings, fighters can develop counters that allow them to turn defense into offense. This skill greatly enhances their overall effectiveness in fights while minimizing risks.

It is worth noting that while Kaman’s influence on MMA is unmistakable, this cross-pollination of techniques also works in reverse. MMA athletes bring their unique skill sets and approaches back into traditional combat sports like kickboxing and Muay Thai, enriching these disciplines with new perspectives and tactics.


What inspired Rob Kaman to become a professional fighter?

Rob Kaman’s journey to becoming a professional fighter was inspired by his sheer love and passion for martial arts. From a young age, he showed immense dedication towards perfecting his skills in kickboxing. As he grew older, Rob’s talent and determination became evident, winning him 9 world titles across different weight classes. His success and the countless hours of training he put in demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the sport and the pursuit of greatness.

What was Rob Kaman’s fighting style?

Rob Kaman was renowned for his aggressive and versatile fighting style in kickboxing. Known as “The Dutchman,” he combined techniques from various martial arts disciplines, including Muay Thai, boxing, and karate. With a record-breaking 98 knockouts in his career, Kaman’s explosive power and precision strikes made him a formidable opponent. His use of low kicks was particularly impactful, leading to many victories and establishing him as one of the greatest kickboxers of all time.

What were some of Rob Kaman’s career highlights?

Rob Kaman, a true legend in the world of kickboxing, had numerous career highlights that solidified his status as one of the greatest fighters of all time. With an impressive record of 114 wins and multiple world championships across various weight divisions, Kaman’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Notably, he showcased unparalleled versatility by becoming a four-time World Muay Thai champion and five-time European Kickboxing champion. Kaman’s devastating low kicks became his trademark, earning him the nickname “Mr. Low Kick.” His remarkable career and mastery of training techniques have left an indelible legacy in the realm of combat sports.

How did Rob Kaman influence the sport of kickboxing?

Rob Kaman’s influence on the sport of kickboxing cannot be overstated. As a highly skilled and successful kickboxing champion, he revolutionized the techniques and training methods used in the sport. His powerful punches and devastating low kicks became his trademark, inspiring future generations of kickboxers. Kaman’s remarkable record of 98 wins, with 78 by knockout, speaks to his dominance in the ring and his ability to push the boundaries of what was possible in kickboxing. His legacy lives on not only through his victories but also through his teachings and contributions to the sport.

What is Rob Kaman doing now in 2023?

Rob Kaman, the legendary kickboxing champion, has transitioned into coaching and mentoring young fighters in his renowned training camp. With over 100 professional victories and his undisputed title as the “King of Low Kicks,” Kaman’s expertise and experience make him an invaluable resource for aspiring kickboxers. His focus on technique, conditioning, and mental fortitude continues to produce champions who dominate the ring. The success rate of fighters trained under Kaman speaks volumes about his continued impact on the sport.


1992-94 I.S.K.A

Oriental Rules Light Heavyweight World Champion

1992 I.S.K.A.

Full Contact Super Middleweight World Champion

1992 W.K.A.

Full Contact Super Light Heavyweight World Champion

1990 I.M.T.F.

Muay Thai Light Heavyweight World Champion

1989-90 W.K.A.

Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion

1988-89 W.K.A.

Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion

1984 P.K.A.

Full Contact European Champion

1983-87 W.K.A.

Full Contact Middleweight World Champion

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1995 K-2 France Grand Prix '95 Champion
1992-94 I.S.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1992 I.S.K.A. Super Middleweight WC
1992 W.K.A. Super Light Heavyweight WC
1990 I.M.T.F. Light Heavyweight WC
1989-90 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1988-89 W.K.A. Light Heavyweight WC
1984 P.K.A. European Champion
1983-87 W.K.A. Middleweight WC
I.K.B.F. Full Contact Light Heavyweight WC