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In the world of martial arts, this year the Muay Thai Kickboxing has been the most remarkable and popular area. For a layman, it seems like both of these fields are similar but that is certainly not the case. There are many ways in which these two are alike but they also possess some major differences that can’t be overlooked. We have examples of tons of Mixed Martial Arts fighters who are experts in both of these disciplines and represent Muay Thai as well as Kickboxing in the most artistic ways. 

We can notice many common techniques trained in Muay Thai kickboxing. Especially the striking portion of both of these arts is somehow alike. We understand the notion of why people think they are so similar but on the other hand, the differences are there when these two are compared. 

Similarities of Muay Thai Kickboxing 

Comparing Muay Thai Kickboxing, we can notice that both of the arts are very strategic. The setups and teaching footwork to create blows for opponents and for oneself are almost the same. Many of the techniques and fundamentals taught in Muay Thai are identical as in kickboxing. Both are all about fine strikes and they have been the most effective in different competitions. These techniques in martial arts have been proved to be the top ones for blowing and punching at different levels. 

The Major Muay Thai Vs Kickboxing Differences

Besides being similar at so many levels, these two types of martial arts have some major differences as well and here we are going to discuss them. 

Leg, Elbow, and Clinch Trapping

When it comes to Muay Thai martial arts, you are allowed to trap your opponent from their legs, elbow, or clinch, which is their upper body. On the other hand, Kickboxing doesn’t allow this. 

Total Number of Rounds

There are a total of 5 rounds in Muay Thai while kickboxing has 3 rounds. Due to a lesser number of rounds in kickboxing, the fighters show active behavior from the start of the competition till the end of the game. On the other hand, kickboxing has a slow start in the first and sometimes even the second round of the game. It is considered as the warm-up and after that, the active match starts. 

The Base of the Martial Art

As the name indicates, kickboxing is based primarily on boxing and active hand gestures are involved. There is a combination of volume, movements, and angles of the fighter that count. While Muay Thai is based on timing and here the combination of swiftness and power of the attack makes the difference. So in comparison, kickboxer involves volume combos while Muay Thai is more about time. 

Background Requirements for Training

Muay Thai is a very specific style of martial arts and it doesn’t accept students from different backgrounds. Contrarily, for kickboxing, practitioners can come from karate, kungfu, taekwondo, boxing, or other hybrid styles to start learning how to kickbox. 

Rhythmic Art

Muay Thai has a category of Round Music, which is also called the Ram Muay. It is a very rhythmic art and all of the steps sync to the song playing in the background. Practitioners try to establish their rhythm before they get into heavy fighting and throwing. This art synchronized to the music is a treat to look at. 

Cultural Attachment

As the name suggests, Muay Thai is more of a Thai cultural game. In fact, it is the national game of Thailand where spirituality and Buddhism are heavily involved in their culture, traditions, and other societal practices. The Muay Thai fighters tend to wear a headgear that locals call Mongkon. It is seen as a sign of luck and protection for the person. 

They believe their safety from any danger coming their way is possible with this headpiece. Mongkon is a very spiritual and traditional object in the complete Muay Thai fights. Before starting the fight, a ceremonial dance is performed by the fighter to bring good luck.

Scoring System

The scoring system of Muay Thai kickboxing is different from each other. In kickboxing, the scoring is according to the point system like in other sports while in Muay Thai, certain techniques play a part in earning a score. It includes the level of difficulty in the techniques used, the power and swiftness of the strike, how much it affected the opponent, the balance of the fighter, and the overall approach. 

Final Words

Muay Thai vs kickboxing might be different, but both are highly efficient when it comes to winning martial art competitions. It can be hard to decide which one to go for but no matter what you choose, you will be doing the best striking martial arts. You can’t go wrong with Muay Thai or kickboxing in any case so decide the one that you personally feel good about.